Chicago Airport

Brooke: So Chicago was the second destination
Big D: Yupp
Adam: Maybe we can dance on this TV Show called Shake It Up Chicago
Chase: You can’t dance!!!
Adam: Neither can you!!
Chase: I never said, that I can dance
Leo: But I can! SO let’s do this (starts dancing)

Adam, Bree, Chase, Big D, Tasha and Brooke leave. Leo stops dancing.

Leo: Guys? (turns around) Guys? (runs in the oppisite direcion and turns and in the right one)

Chicago Hotel

Brooke: Let’s see the city
Bree: Let’s go!!

Bree and Brooke trying to superspeed out of the room, but Adam, Chase an Leo standing in front of the door.

Chase: Not without us this time!!
Bree: Urgh, that means we have to walk..

The gang leave the hotel


CeCe and Rocky are entering. Brooke crashes into them

CeCe: Watch where you going!!!
Brooke: I’m so sorry
Rocky: It’s okay
CeCe: No it’s not!! I almost fall down

Brooke uses the identity app

Brooke: Aren’t you CeCe Jones from Shake It Up Chicago? You are a awesome dancer
CeCe: I know… I mean, thank you (walks off)

Rocky gives her a look

Brooke: I just said that, that she is not mad at me
Rocky: Nice move

Bree, Adam, Chase and Leo walk in

Adam: Hello little girl
Brooke: Rocky, meet Bree, Adam, Chase and Leo. We are kinda siblings
Rocky: Kinda?
Brooke: Adam, Bree and Chase are my half-sibs and Leo, well we are not related at all, but we say, we are steps
Rocky: Wow… I got just one brother and he’s over there (points at Ty)
Bree: He is cute
Rocky: Ewww… Let’s indoduce you to CeCe

They walk over to CeCe and sit down

Rocky: CeCe, those are Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo and Brooke
CeCe: Brooke’s the girl, who’s adoring me
Brooke: (half-hearted) Sure
Rocky: Soo… What you are up to today??
Bree: We just arrived here, so we have no plans for today
CeCe: Uhh. You need to see the Shake It Up Studio
Brooke: Great idea!!

Shake It Up Chicago Studio

Leo: This is AWESOME!!!!
Brooke: Pretty sick!!
Cece: Uhh Can you guys dance??
Bree: Yea
Leo: Sure
Adam: Gre- (Brooke gives him a look) A little bit maybe
Chase: Yes
Brooke: Maybe a little bit
Rocky: Was it a fluke, that Brooke and Adam said the same thing?
Adam/Brooke: No/Yes (they look at each other) Yes/No
Rocky: Okay….
Bree: Let’s check out backstage
CeCe: Let’s go

Bree, Chase, CeCe, Rocky and Leo are leaving

Brooke: Yea… That’s kinda weird…
Adam: What?
Brooke: US!! You and me…
Adam: Yea… weird…
Brooke: Does that ever gonna stop??
Adam: I don’t know… I just can’t stop…
Brooke: Stop what??
Adam: Thinking about you, have feelings for you…
Brooke: Adam, we are sibs now… Half-sibs, but still sibs…
Adam: I know… But I just can’t stop!!!
Brooke: Okay… listen… I still have feelings for you… they never stopped…
Adam: But you told me-
Brooke: I know… I was lying!! I tried to forget about you and talk me into, that I don’t like you anymore… But I do!!!

Adam kisses Brooke. Booke kisses him back. They pull apart.

Brooke: Wooohhh
Adam: Wooohhh
Brooke: What just happened??
Adam: I’m sooo sorry!!!
Brooke: It’s… It’s okay!!!
Adam: I shouldn’t have done that!!!
Brooke: It’s really okay!!!

Bree walks in

Bree: Are you coming or what??
Brooke: On our way!!

Bree leaves

Brooke: We tell nobody, okay??
Adam: Okay!! (kisses her again) Sorry
Brooke: Let’s go!!!

Adam and Brooke follow Bree and the rest of the gang


Ty: Welcome to Shake It Up Chicago everybody!! Today we have a special surprise for you!! 5 Friends/Siblings form Mission Creek!! Give it up for the dance crew

The whole group is dancing

After the show

CeCe: That was- nice
Ty: Are you kidding!? That was great!!! No, AWESOME!!!
Bree: Bye guys

Adam, Brooke, Bree, Chase and Leo leave the studio. CeCe, Ty and Rocky are waving at them.

CeCe: Something is totes strange between Adam and Brooke
Rocky: Yea…
Ty: Too bad… She’s cute
Rocky: Oukay….

Rocky and CeCe walk away

Ty: Girls? (turns around) Girls? (runs in the oppisite direcion and turns and i

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