Someone rings the bell

Simpson: Hey, I’m Simpson, your new neighbor, and I was wondering, if here are any places to chill
Debby: Ehm… Fro-Yo, it’s a frozen yorgurt shop
Simpson: Okay, where is it??
Debby: Downtown
Brooke: *walks by and whispers in her ear* I think he wants you to show him the place (to Simpson) Hey, I’m Brooke
Simpson: I’m Simpson, so…
Debby: I can show you, if you want
Simpson: Cool, when?
Debby: How about now?
Simpson: Let’s go!! *leaves*
Debby: Can you-
Brooke: I watch Elena
Debby: Thanks Brooke, you’re the best
Brooke: Tell me something, I don’t know
Debby: Bye *leaves*
Brooke: BYE!! *closes the door and sis down*
Marcus: *enters* So little sis
Brooke: What?
Marcus: What are you up to today?
Brooke: Watching Elena, while the twins are with Spencer. Why?
Marcus: Marnie called
Brooke: She did?
Marcus: She wants to meet up today
Brooke: What about Elena?
Marcus: Can’t you find another babysitter?
Brooke: No!! I’m the babysitter, I can’t just go off and find another one!!
Marcus: What about Marnie?
Brooke: I just take Elena with me!!
Marcus: What if she asks, who’s baby that is?
Brooke: Ehm.. I tell her
Marcus: Tell her what? That this is you 16 year-old friends baby, which isn’t older than 3 months. Did you notice, that Elena looks like she’s 2 years old??
Brooke: What choice do I have??
Marcus: I don’t know!!
Brooke: Smart big brother

With Debby and Simpson

Debby: So, why does everyone call you Simpson??
Sim: Because my first name is Allen and I don’t like it
Debby: Wow…
Sim: What?
Debby: Nothing!!
Sim: Spill it
Debby: I never met someone like you before
Sim: You mean, that I’m crazy
Debby: Yes…
Sim: I heard that a lot

With Bree & Jason

Jason: What do you wanna do?
Bree: I don’t know…
Jason: How about a movie?
Bree: No.. We’ve been to the movies for every date
Jason: Yea, you’re right…
Bree: Why do we have nothing in common?
Jason: I don’t know, but opposites attracted, right?
Bree: Yea sure, but we have to find something, that we both like
Jason: Movies
Bree: Except the movies!!
Jason: Skatepark?
Bree: I’ve never been skating before
Jason: Do you wanna try?
Bree: Sure, why not


Jason: Just get on the skateboard
Bree: But you hold me!!
Jason: Yes!! *helps her on the skateboard and takes a few steps*
Bree: Not too fast!!!

With Debby & Simpson

Doug: *walks over* Debby Davenport?
Debby: Yes *looks up* Doug?
Doug: How long has it been?
Debby: I don’t know.. a year
Doug: How have you been?
Debby: Busy.. Like now!! So, do you mind??
Doug: Well, no reason to be mean!! *walks off*
Sim: Well, we should go back home *get’s up*
Debby: *get’s up* Okay… What’s wrong??
Sim: Nothing!! I just have to finish unpacking. You can help, if you want
Debby: Sure!!

Simpson house

Debby and Simpson are unpacking

Debby: *unpacks a cd* What’s Crazy 5??
Sim: My band back in Boston
Debby: Cool, so you’re a singer?
Sim: No, I’m a rapper
Debby: That’s cool
Sim: Are you a singer?
Debby: Not really, the only time I sing, is under the shower

With Adam & Leo

 Leo: Do you wanna double date sometime?
Adam: You mean with Lora and Lola?
Leo: Yea
Adam: I don’t know
Leo: Why not?
Adam: I don’t know
Leo: I’m pretty sure one of this many teens, who live here, can watch Cody for a night
Adam: Okay

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