Simpson rappes „You Never Know“

Debby: Is that a song about superheroes??
Sim: You don’t believe in superheroes?
Debby: Sure I do, but not in those, who fly around in costumes
Sim: They don’t want to be regonized!!
Debby: But still!! Dress up like a bat? Seriously?
Sim: Yes!! That’s what makes him cool!!
Debby: What if there are superheroes, who don’t wear disguises??
Sim: Hello? There are only superheroes, who wear disguises!!
Debby: Maybe not!!
Sim: Do you wanna kiss me as bad as I wanna kiss you??
Debby: Oh yes!!

Debby and Simpson kiss

With Brooke and Marcus in a Café

Marcus and Brooke sit on a table with Elena. Marnie walks by.

Marnie: Hey *sits down* Who’s baby is that?
Brooke: A friends. I’m babysitting her
Marnie: A friend of your’s has a baby already??
Brooke: Yes, do you have a problem with that?
Marnie: If she’s a friend of your’s, she’s your age!! Don’t you think that’s a little young??
Brooke: *phone is ringing* I have to take this!! *answers* Yes
Spencer: (on the phone) How are you?
Brooke: (on the phone) What’s wrong?
Spencer: (on the phone) Ariana shooted a laser at energy control system and caused a power cut
Brooke: (on the phone) She did WHAT!?!
Spencer: (on the phone) Can you come??
Brooke: (on the phone) ON MY WAY!! *hangs up* Sorry an emergency with my daughter!! *gets up and leaves with Elena*
Marnie: Did she just say-??
Marcus: She’s the mother of twins, Marnie!! *get’s up and leaves*

Marnie looks confused after him

With Brooke and Spencer

Brooke: *enters the apartment* Oh my- Spenc?
Spencer: In the living room!!
Brooke: *holding Elena* Elena, don’t you have nightvision?
Elena: Yes
Brooke: Can you lead me to the energy control system??
Elena: Sure
Brooke: *puts her down* Spenc, where is the energy control system??
Spencer: Near the kitchen!!

Elena leads Brooke to the energy control system

Brooke: Found it!!!
Spencer: Can you fix it??
Brooke: If I could see something??
Spencer: Can’t you channel abilities??
Brooke: You’re a genius!! Elena, can you hug my leg and don’t let go of it
Elena: Yes *hugs Brooke’s leg*
Brooke: *uses Elena’s nightvision and fixes the power*

The lights go back on

Spencer enters the kitchen

Spencer: Good work Brooke
Brooke: Couldn’t have done it without Elena
Spencer: Why do you have her anyway?
Brooke: Debby is shows our new neighbor around
Spencer: New neighbor?
Brooke: Yea, he seems to be a little crazy
Spencer: *laughs* Alright then


Bree, Debby and Brooke are looking through wedding dresses

Debby: Wow… You’re getting married!!
Brooke: I know, it’s unbelieveable!!
Bree: Why? You have a fiancé, who loves you and the twins
Debby: Yea, if you see it that way, you already have a little family
Brooke: You’re right.. OMG, soon I’ll be Mrs. Brooke Holden
Bree: I’m so jealous of you!!
Brooke: Why?
Bree: You and Spencer have so much in common, me and Jason on the other hand, have nothing in common…
Debby: I know, how you feel…
Bree: Why?
Debby: Me and Simpson are completely different, but still in love
Brooke: Wait a sec!! You and Simpson are a thing now??
Debby: *smiles* Yea
Bree: Congrats!!
Brooke: You should invite him to the wedding!!!
Debby: Maybe I will
Bree: But won’t you be sad, that your dad won’t be there??
Brooke: Nope!! I’ll be glad, that he won’t be there!! Besides, he’s in prison

With Spencer

Chase: Wow.. You’re getting married soon
Spencer: I’m so nervous…
Adam: Don’t be man!!
Spencer: I love Brooke and I don’t wanna disappoint her!!
Chase: You won’t!!!

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