The Daveport house

Nina runs to the door and knocks. Brooke opens the door

Brooke: Nina? What are you doing here?
Nina: Marcus disappeared
Brooke: What about my brother?
Nina: He’s gone!!!
Brooke: What do you mean “GONE”??
Nina: He- I- can’t find him
Brooke: Where have you seen himt the last time?
Nina: A week ago, but now he (starts crying)
Brooke: I will find him for you!!
Nina: I wanna come!!
Brooke: No, you go home and i call you, when I’m back!! And I won’t return without him!!!
Nina: How long do you need?
Brooke: I don’t know, but he’s my twinbro and I won’t return without him!!!
Nina: Okay… Call me then!!
Brooke: (hugs her) I will
Nina: (hugs her back) Thanks (leaves)

Brooke closes the door

The Davenport lab

Brooke enters superspeeding

Brooke: Marcus is gone!!!!
Bree: Not our problem!!
Bree: I thought you hate him
Brooke: But he’s still the only real family left
Adam: What about us?
Brooke: We’ve dated!! That’s no brother-sisterhood!!!
Chase: You can not go after him!!!
Brooke: If you won’t help, I’ll go alone!!! (superspeeds away)
Debby: BROOKE!!! O who am I’m kidding, she can’t hear me anymore….

Spencer’s apartment

Brooke knocks. Spencer opens the door

Spencer: Babe? What are you doing here?
Brooke: Marcus is gone! I need to find him!!
Spencer: Okay… I’ll go with you!!
Brooke: Okay, I was hoping for that!! (kisses his cheek)
Spencer: You can come in for a sec (walks in)
Brooke: (walks in) I’ve never been here before
Spencer: Really? (puts a little box in his jacket pocket) Let’s go!!

They live the aparment


The woods

Spencer and Brooke are walking through the woods

Spencer: Do you think he’s here?
Brooke: I don’t know… We played really often here when we were like 8
Spencer: Do you think, he came back here?

Brooke sees a neckless and picks it up

Brooke: That’s Marcus’
Spencer: Why do you think that?
Brooke: Because the neckless says Marcus
Spencer: Oh
Brooke: That means, he was here!!!
Spencer: Maybe he took it off to get rid of it?
Brooke: He never took it off. I gave him that to his- our 11th birthday. He never took it off!! Not even where we were hating each other!! Something must have been happened!!!
Spencer: I thought, you hated him?
Brooke: But he’s still my twinbrother!! And even if it seems like I hate him, I don’t!!
Spencer: Come here (hugs her)
Brooke: (hugs him back) I never wanted that to happen!! (starts crying)
Spencer: Let’s look for a place to sleep

They walk off

The Davenport lab

Debby: We shouldn’t have let her go alone!!!
Bree: I’m crazy worried!!
Chase: Me too!!
Adam: What if something happened to her?
Leo: She’s bionic!!
Debby: But she’s emotional down!!!
Adam: But she can’t glitch!!
Chase: Or can she?
Debby: No, that’s ridicoulious!! She can’t!!!

The woods

Spencer and Brooke are cuddling

Brooke: What if I never see him again?
Spencer: You will
Brooke: How’d you know?
Spencer: I just do
Brooke: I’m happy, that you are here with me
Spencer: I never would’ve let you go on your own
Brooke: Thanks (kisses his cheek) I think, I go to sleep

Brooke gets up

Brooke: Night, love you
Spencer: Good night my dear, love you

Brooke enters the tent . Spencer gets the box out of his jacket and looks at it

Spencer: I hope… (he puts it back)

Spencer takes the jacket and enters the tent

Marcus walks toward the tent a few steps

Marcus: I didn’t want that to happen, but I have to disappear. You would go back to hating me, if I would come back. Bye babysis, I always loved you (runs away)

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