Spencer: You look adorable
Brooke: Aww thanks. You too
Debby: Yea… She changed like 30 times
Brooke: Pssshhdd (steps on Debby’s foot)
Debby: Ouch ...
Brooke: Wanna sit down?
Spencer: Sure

Brooke and Spencer sit down next to each other on the couch. Aria and Chase, Adam and Lora, Jason and Bree and Debby sit down and start watching a movie.

50 minutes later

Brooke felt asleep, while cuddling with Spencer. Aria and Chase are standing in the kitching, making snacks. Lora and Adam are making funny faces and laugh. Bree and Jason sit next to each other, not saying a word. Spencer kisses Brookes forehead.

Jason: So…
Bree: So…

Chase feeds Aria a snack. Aria laughs. Chase puts his arms around her.

Adam: And then he said: Hey

Lora laughs

Jason: Did I tell you about-
Bree: Yes. Did I told you about-
Jason: Yes

Spencer: Brooke! Brooke!! Brooki?!

Brooke wakes up

Brooke: What the- I felt asleep, did n't I?
Spencer: Yes
Brooke: I’m so sorry
Spencer: It was cute
Brooke: Really??

Spencer kisses Brooke. Brooke kisses him back.

Spencer: Answers that your question?

Brooke kisses him

Brooke: Answers that your question?

Spencer holds her tight. Brooke smiles


Brooke and Bree are sitting in Brooke’s room

Bree: So, how did your evening go?
Brooke: You can call me Spencers girlfriend
Bree: OH MY GOSH!!!
Brooke: How did your evening go?
Bree: Not that well… Jason and I had nothig to talk about… AND we had nothing in common
Brooke: I’m so sorry for you (hugs Bree)

Bree hugs her back

Next Day

Spencer walks up to Brooke

Spencer: Hey
Brooke: Hey

Spencer kisses her

Spencer: Wanna go on a picnic tonight?
Brooke: I would love to
Spencer: See ya then (kisses her forehead and leaves)
Brooke: (leans against her locker) Awww…
Bree: (walks over) Hey
Brooke: (dreamy) Hey…
Bree: Back to reality please
Brooke: (dreamy) I… (normal) I am!
Bree: Anndd?
Brooke: And what?
Bree: How are things with you and Spencer?
Brooke: AMAZING!! I’m sooo in love!! What about you and Jason?
Bree: Still not so good…
Brooke: I’m so sorry
Bree: I gotta go.. (leaves)

Brooke locks her locker. Jason walks over

Jason: Brooke?
Brooke: Yes?
Jason: Can I ask you something about Bree?
Brooke: Sure
Jason: What can I do to impress her?
Brooke: Mmhh… She likes art and music and dancing
Jason: What else?
Brooke: Do something romantic, she will love that
Jason: Like a picnic?
Brooke: Yes
Jason: But then we need to talk and we don’t know about what…
Brooke: Then go to the movies with her and let her decide which movie
Jason: Okay, thanks!! (hugs her and leaves)
Brooke: No prob!!


Brooke and Spencer are lying on the blanket in the park, cuddling.

Spencer: Nice what you did
Brooke: What do you mean?
Spencer: For Bree
Brooke: You mean that I talked to Jason for her and give him advices?
Spencer: Yes, that was really nice of you
Brooke: (smiles) Thank you

Spencer kisses her. Brooke kisses him back.

Spencer: So.. what do you like about me so much?
Brooke: You are cute and I have a weakness for british accents and you have a great humor
Spencer: Thanks
Brooke: What about me?
Spencer: You are cute, funny, honest and just very special
Brooke: You have no idea, how special I am
Spencer: I will get to know you in the next time
Brooke: Yes, you will

Spencer and Brooke kiss again

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