Mission Creek High

The gang enters the school

Bree: New year
Brooke: New season
Adam: New
Adam, Chase and Leo/Bree, Brooke and Debby: Girls/Boys
Brooke: OMG! That boy is totally mine (points at Spencer)
Debby: Go talk to him!! (pushes her)

Brooke walks over to Spencer

Brooke: Hey
Spencer: Hey
Brooke: You are new here, right?
Spencer: Yes, do you mind to show me around?
Brooke: Of course not!! I mean, I would love to show you around. I mean, I’m Brooke
Spencer: (laughs) Spencer
Brooke: Let’s go

Brooke and Spencer walk off. Chase sees Lora.

Chase: I go talk to her!!

Chase walks toward Lora

Chase: Hey
Lora: Hey
Chase: You are new here, right? Do you need someone to show you around?
Lora: Sure (walks off)

Aria walks by

Aria: Hey, I’m Aria. And you can show me around, I mean if you want to
Chase: Sure!! I would love too!! I’m Chase
Aria: Nice to meet you Chase

Chase and Aria walk off. Lora walks toward Adam.

Lora: Hey, could you show me around?
Adam: Sure!!

Lora and Adam walk off

Debby: That leaves us… Bree? Bree?? Great… She’s gone too… (walks off)

Jason: Hey, I’m Jason and I was wondering if you could show me around
Bree: Sure!!

Jason and Bree walk off

The Big Beak

Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase, Debby and Leo sitting on a table

Debby: So? How’s it going with those boys & girls?
Brooke: Spencer ask me out!!!
Bree: OH MY GOSH!!! Jason ask me out too!!
Adam: So Brooke, you moved on??
Brooke: Yes… It was hard, but it was time
Adam: Then I should too??
Brooke: Yes
Adam: Okay… (sees Lora) Gotta go!! (gets up and walks up to Lora)

Lora: Hey Adam
Adam: Hey, would you go out with me sometimes??
Lora: Sure!

Debby: So Chase? What about you and Blondie?
Chase: Aria? I don’t know…
Brooke: I know, that she is over there (points at Aria)
Bree: GO!!!

Chase gets up and walks toward Aria

Aria: (smiles) Hi
Chase: Hey. Would you like to go out with me?
Aria: Sure
Chase: Wanna hang out tonight with me and my sibs?
Aria: Sibs?
Chase: Yea… Brooke and Debby changed me!!
Aria: Who are they?
Chase: My sisters
Aria: Okay… But I would love to!! Really!! See ya tonight?
Chase: At 6?
Aria: Okay (walks off)

5 minutes later

Chase: I invited Aria over
Adam: And?
Chase: Invite your dates
Brooke: On my way!!! (runs off)

Brooke: SPENCER!!

Spencer turns around

Spencer: Hey
Brooke: Hey, my sibs are all inviting dates over for tonight and I thought…..
Spencer: I would love to come over
Brooke: Cool
Spencer: See ya (walks away) (comes back) Where do you live?
Brooke: (laughs) Here (writes the address down and hands Spencer the note) Be there at 6
Spencer: Of course
Brooke: And don’t lose the note!!
Spencer: Of course not


Brooke changes her dress

Bree: That’s like the 30th time
Brooke: I want it to be perfect!! He is the first boy since Chase, that I like!!
Bree: Must be great to be in love…
Brooke: I’m pretty sure, you and Jason going to be it soon
Bree: Awww

Brooke and Bree hug. The bell rings. Brooke superspeeds downstairs.

Debby & Bree: Wait for me!!!

Debby and Bree superspeed downstairs. Brooke opens the door. Aria walks in

Brooke: Urgh
Aria: Do I look that bad?
Brooke: NO!! NO!! I’m just so excited for Spencer!!
Chase: OMG Aria!! You are so beautiful!!
Aria: Thank you!!!
Spencer: Hey Brooke
Brooke: Hey Spencer
Spencer: Here (hands her roses)
Jason: Why didn’t I thought of this?
Bree: It’s okay
Brooke: Come in

Spencer walks inside

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