Mission Creek University

Bree, Brooke, Marcus, Spencer, Lora, Dana and Chase enter the property

Brooke: Woow… College…
Bree: Being on the same college as your brother… great
Chase: Being here with your sister isn’t much better
Marcus: Can agree on that
Brooke: What are your dorm rooms?
Bree: F101
Brooke: Me too
Spencer: G101
Chase: So have I
Marcus: And me
Dana: I got F102
Lora: Me too
Bree, Brooke, Dana and Lora: NEIGHBORS!!!
Marcus, Chase and Spencer: Oh boy…

Davenport house

Leo, Debby and Adam sit on the couch

Debby: Is it just me or did it get emptier over here?
Adam: It did!! Bree and Chase are on college now
Debby: Doesn’t it suck, that your girlfriend is on college and you’re here??
Adam: Why?
Leo: Maybe she get herself a smarter boyfriend
Adam: She never would!!
Debby: I gotta go!! Nanny and Delany are waiting *gets up and leaves*

Dorm room F101

Brooke and Bree unpack their stuff

Bree: Why are there three beds?
Brooke: Maybe a 3th roommate?

Sarah enters

Sarah: Is that room F101?
Bree: Yes
Sarah: Then you must be my roommates! Hey, I’m Sarah
Brooke: I’m Brooke
Bree: And I’m Bree
Sarah: Nice to meet you

Mission Creek High School

Debby, Nanny, Delany and Leo enter

Debby: It’s weird without Adam, Bree, Chase and Brooke
Leo: A little- Janelle?
Debby: Who is Janelle?
Leo: *leaves and walks over to her* Janelle? What you’re doing here?
Janelle: Hey Leo, I’m back
Leo: Then, welcome back
Janelle: *smiles* Thanks
Leo: Bring it in *hugs her*
Janelle: *hugs him back* Great to be back

Debby, Nanny and Delany walk over. Janelle and Leo let go of each other

Janelle: Who are they?
Debby: Hi, I’m Leo’s step-sister Debby
Nanny: Nanny, second year here
Delany: Delany, kinda first year
Janelle: Hey, I’m Janelle
Leo: I missed you Janelle
Janelle: I missed you too
Debby: And we gotta go *leaves with Delany and Nanny*
Janelle: Well, the reason that I came back, was…
Leo: What?
Janelle: You
Leo: Who?
Janelle: Leo, I came back for you
Leo: Seriously?
Janelle: Answers that your question? *kisses him*
Leo: *kisses her back*

With Debby

Debby, Delany and Nanny sit at a table

Debby: It’s so empty here
Nanny: It’s really empty
Delany: And it just got worst
Debby: What do you mean?

Avery enters and walks towards them

Avery: Hey Delany
Delany: (annoyed) Avery
Avery: You don’t seem to be so happy to see me
Delany: Cuz I’m not!!
Avery: That was rude
Delany: I don’t care!! Just leave!!
Avery: No!!
Delany: Fine!! *leaves*
Debby: Wait up!!! *leaves with Nanny*

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