Davenport House

Brooke walks in with her laptop in her hands

Brooke: You need to watch this!!
Adam: What?
Brooke: A video I made from Shake It Up Chicago, Big Time Rush concerts, Austin Moon concerts and fun we had together

They watch the video

Bree: That ‘s awesome Brooke
Brooke: Thanks
Chase: You are a genuis!! I mean I’m way smarter than you!!
Brooke: I’m the most powerful human ever lived
Debby: What about me?
Brooke: I’m 17 and you are 15. I think, I’m a way more powerful than you
Debby: Well… Than I think I have to leave (superspeeds out)
Brooke: I DIDN’T MEANT IT THAT WAY!! She’s gone, isn’t she…?
Bree: Yes…
Chase: What’s her problem? I’m not mad, because she said that!! And Brooke won’t react the same way, if I tell her that she looks stupid today
Brooke: (starts crying) How can you say that!? (superspeeds away)
Bree: Wanna tear me down too?
Adam: Uhh, I wanna remind you on your face, what was a mistake!!!
Bree: (starts crying) Leave me alone!!! (superspeeds away)
Chase: What’s wrong with the girls?
Adam: Everything?
Leo: Not funny Adam!!
Chase: Something is terribly wrong!!
Leo: Can they glitch?
Chase: Might happen
Adam: That means?
Chase: Well… Two of the girls are full abilities bionics!!! That means, they could ruin the world!!!
Adam: Than there is nothing to worry!!
Chase: With world, I mean earth!! And WE ARE on earth!!!
Adam: Oh…
Chase: I talk to Brooke. Adam looks for Bree and Leo looks for Debby. Okay?
Leo & Adam: Okay (run off)

Chase walks upstairs and knocks on her room door

Brooke: What!?
Chase: Can I come in?
Brooke: If you don’t tear me down!!
Chase: Deal (walks in and sits down next to Brooke) If it cheers you up, Bree run off too
Brooke: Why?
Chase: Adam said something stupid
Brooke: I don’t know, what’s wrong with me… Or the other girls… Really…
Chase: Your face is green
Brooke: I kinda feel a little sick (runs into the bathroom)

Chase follows her. Brooke throws up. Chase holds her hair back

Chase: Are you okay?
Chase: Sorry… for everything!!!
Brooke: It’s okay… My emotions get crazy in the last time…
Chase: Are you hungry?
Brooke: Yea (gets up)

With Adam and Bree

Adam: Bree, are you okay?
Bree: No!!
Adam: I’m sorry for saying that-
Bree: Don’t repeat it!!! (runs away)
Adam: Where you going? (follows her)

Bree throws up

Adam: I’m out of breath
Bree: I’m out of (throws up again)
Adam: Out of what?
Bree: I’m throwing up!!
Adam: Sorry!!

With Leo and Debby

Leo: How do you feel?
Debby: Sick…


With Adam and Lora

Adam kisses Lora. Lora kisses him back. Pull apart

Adam: How are you babe?
Lora: I need to tell you something…
Adam: What?

With Bree and Jason

Jason kisses Bree’s forehead

Jason: Hey Honey
Bree: We need to talk
Jason: Do you think it’s a great idea?
Bree: We have to….

With Brooke and Spencer

Spencer kisses Brooke. Brooke kisses him back. Pull apart

Spencer: You needed to talk to me?
Brooke: Yes

With Chase and Aria

Aria: We need to talk

With Debby and Big D

Debby: I need to tell you something Daddy
Big D: What

Aria/Lora/Bree/Debby&Brooke: I’m pregnant
Chase/Adam/Jason/Big D&Spencer: WHAT!?

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