Brooke is still sitting on couch

Ariana, Brandon, Cody, Danielle, Elena and Fariba from the future appear. Brooke looks up and gets up.

Chase: Who are you?
Brooke: Wait… I notice that black point in that eye!! Ariana?
Ariana: Yupp
Brooke: Brandon or Austin Moon? No, kidding. I know it’s you Brandon
Brandon: What’s up?

Adam walks in

Adam: Who is that (points at Cody)?
Cody: Your son
Adam: Wow… You grow sooo much since that morning!!
Cody: I’m from the future
Ariana: Just like Danille
Danielle: Hey
Ariana: Elena
Elena: Hiiii
Ariana: And Fariba
Fariba: Hey daddy. (laughs) You are small
Chase: (mad) Heyy!!! (normal) I think it’s a first
Brooke: What?
Chase: That a kid from the future makes fun of her dad
Brooke: And that kids come back from the future too!!
Bree: By the way, what are you doing here?
Ariana: We are here, because of dad. It was meant to go back in time for me and Brandon, BUT
Brandon: C til F came with us

Cody, Danielle, Elena and Fariba wave

Brooke: What about Spencer?
Ariana: Mommy, you better sit down
Leo: You still call her mommy?
Ariana: Better than Daddydidi
Leo: Who calls me that?
Ariana: Your kid!!
Leo: I’m going to have a girlfriend?
Ariana: A wife
Leo: I’m going to get married
Ariana: Yes!!
Brooke: (already sit down) What’s about Spencer?
Ariana: He don’t come back
Brooke: What do you mean?
Ariana: We need to find him, before he dies
Brooke: He dies?
Brandon: He felt from a cliff and made boom

Brooke starts crying

Ariana: Brandon!!! I thought we talked about it, that I will tell her!!!
Brandon: Why?
Ariana: Because you’re stupid!!!
Brooke: Ari, Bran!! Hello??
Ariana: He is supposed to die in the next 2 days…
Brooke: Oh no…

Ariana sits down next to her and hugs her

Brooke: I always wanted a dad and I hoped that my kids will have one
Ariana: What about grandpa?
Brandon: Future mom won’t tell us
Brooke: He is in jail and was going to distroy Adam, Bree and Chase and me, if he didn’t turned me evil
Big D: But I turned her back, because I’m AWESOME!!
Ariana: He will never stop that…
Adam: How old are you?
Elena: 16. We all
Bree: Yea, because you were born on the same day
Ariana: Yet I’m the oldest
Fariba: And I’m the youngest…
Chase: So you are like Debby?
Farbia: And I’m your daughter!! Don’t forget that!!
Brooke: FOCUS!!!
Ariana: We need to find dad!!
Brooke: Do you have mission suits?
Ariana: Yes
Brooke: Than let’s go!!

They leave for the lab. Big D enters the lab

Brooke: Why? WE HAVE TO!!!
Big D: It’s too dangerous!!
Brooke: If Spencer don’t make it and I know, I could helped him, it would kill me anyway!!!
Ariana: She’s right, in 16 years she is still that sad and has no time for us
Brooke: Let’s go!!!

They leaves

Big D: GUYS!!!!

At the cliff

Spencer walks along the cliff. They arrive


Spencer tries to superspeed away, but falls down the cliff

Brooke: SPENCER!!! (superspeeds after him and jumps)
Ariana & Brandon: MOMMMMM

They wanna run to the cliff, but the rest holds them back
Debby: It doesn’t help, if you two jump too

With Spencer and Brooke

They are still falling

Spencer: What are you doing?
Brooke: (grabs his hand) Go after you
Spencer: What is your plan?
Brooke: You’ll see

Brooke uses her Molecularkinesis to get them up. They fly up the cliff and land

Spencer: You saved me
Brooke: Did I saved us?
Spencer: (kisses her. Pull apart) Does that answer your question

Brooke smiles at him. Ariana and Brandon look up

Ariana & Brandon: MOM!! DAD!!! (They run over to them and hug them)
Brooke: Our kids from the future
Spencer: I notice the black point in her eye
Ariana: Why everybody notice who I am, because of that point?
Brooke: They don’t only notice you through that! They notice you, because you are special
Ariana: Because I’m bionic?
Brooke: You are so much more than that!!
Brandon: And I?
Brooke: You are special too, honey
Brandon: Oh…
Spencer: Do you mean “Awww”?
Brandon: Noooooyes
Brooke: You remind me of Adam
Brandon: Why? Because he’s so awesome like me?
Brooke: No, because he’s stupid!!!
Spencer: Let’s go before more feelings get hurt

Spencer and Brooke take the twins in their middle and leave

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