In the brides room with Brooke, Debby, Aria, Lora and Bree

Brooke: *looks in the mirror* This dress is so beautiful
Aria: It’s the best choice
Bree: Yes, it is and Aria is right
Lora: One day I wanna have a dress just like that!!!
Debby: You look gorgeous
Brooke: *starts to think about the moments she had with Spencer*

Brooke: OMG! That boy is totally mine (points at Spencer)
Debby: Go talk to him!! (pushes her)

Brooke walks over to Spencer

Brooke: Hey
Spencer: Hey
Brooke: You are new here, right?
Spencer: Yes, do you mind to show me around?
Brooke: Of couse not!! I mean, I would love to show you around. I mean, I’m Brooke
Spencer: (laughs) Spencer
Brooke: Let’s go

Brooke: SPENCER!!

Spencer turns around

Spencer: Hey
Brooke: Hey, my sibs are all inviting dates over for tonight and I thought…..
Spencer: I would love to come over
Brooke: Cool
Spencer: See ya (walks away) (comes back) Where do you live?
Brooke: (laughs) Here (writes the address down and hands Spencer the note) Be there at 6
Spencer: Of couse
Brooke: And don’t lose the note!!
Spencer: Of couse not

Brooke changes her dress

Bree: That’s like the 30th time
Brooke: I want it to be perfect!! He is the first boy since Chase, that I like!!

Spencer: Hey Brooke
Brooke: Hey Spencer
Spencer: Here (hands her roses)
Brooke: Come in
Spencer walks inside

Spencer: You look adorable
Brooke: Aww thanks. You too

Brooke wakes up

Brooke: What the- I felt asleep, did I?
Spencer: Yes
Brooke: I’m so sorry
Spencer: It was cute
Brooke: Really??

Spencer kisses Brooke. Brooke kisses him back.

Spencer: Answers that your question?

Brooke kisses him

Brooke: Answers that your question?

Spencer holds her tight. Brooke smiles
Spencer: Hey
Brooke: Hey

Spencer kisses her

Spencer: Wanna go on a picnic tonight?
Brooke: I would love to
Spencer: See ya then (kisses her forehead and leaves)
Brooke: (leans against her locker) Awww…
Spencer: So.. what do you like about me so much?
Brooke: You are cute and I have a weakness for british accents and you have a great humor
Spencer: Thanks
Brooke: What about me?
Spencer: You are cute, funny, honest and just very special
Brooke: You have no idea, how special I am
Spencer: I will get to know you in the next time
Brooke: Yes, you will

Spencer and Brooke kiss again
Brooke: (lays her head on Chase’s shoulder) I only want Spencer

Brooke sees Spencer in front of the window
Spencer takes a rose from behind his back. Brooke smiles.
Spencer walks in and gives her the rose
Brooke kisses Spencer. Spencer kisses her back.
Spencer kisses Brooke. Brooke kisses him back. Pull apart

Spencer: You needed to talk to me?
Brooke: Yes
Brooke: I’m pregnant
Spencer: WHAT!?
Brooke: (surprised/shocked) SPENCER!!
Spencer: Hey, you look-
Brooke: (mad) Don’t even say it!!!
Spencer: Can’t find the twins… again?

Tasha: *knocks* *enters* Hey Brooke, are you ready??
Brooke: *smiles* Yes. Yes I am

Tasha helps Brooke from the podest and leads her to the door

Marcus: I take it from here


Marcus walks Brooke down the aisle. Spencer smiles wide. Bree, Aria, Lora and Debby walk behind Brooke and Marcus. Adam stands next to Spencer. Brooke walks up to Spencer and stops next to him

Priest: So, do you Brooklyn Donovan, wanna take Spencer Holden as your husband, so say”I do”
Brooke: Why? WE HAVE TO!!!
Big D: It’s too dangerous!!
Brooke: If Spencer don’t make it and I know, I could helped him, it would kill me anyway!!!
Ariana: She’s right, in 16 years she is still that sad and has no time for us
Brooke: Let’s go!!!

Spencer tries to superspeed away, but falls down the cliff

Brooke: SPENCER!!! (superspeeds after him and jumps)
Spencer: What are you doing?
Brooke: (grabs his hand) Go after you
Spencer: What is your plan?
Brooke: You’ll see

Brooke uses her Molecularkinesis to get them up. They fly up the cliff and land

Spencer: You saved me
Brooke: Did I saved us?
Spencer: (kisses her. Pull apart) Does that answer your question
Spencer: Let’s go before more feelings get hurt

Spencer and Brooke take the twins in their middle and leave
Spencer: BROOKE!!!
Brooke: (turns around) Yes?

Spencer throws the bag to the ground and takes the box out his pocket and walks toward Brooke

Brooke: What are you doing?

Spencer knees down in front of her

Spencer: Brooke, I love you more than everything and would you do me the honor of becoming my wife and marry me?

Brooke looks at him
Brooke starts smiling

Brooke: Yes

Spencer gets up and kisses Brooke and spins her around

Brooke: I love you
Spencer: I love YOU

Spencer puts Brooke down and kisses her. They pull apart
Spencer: And…

Brooke shows them her hand

Bree: Is it what I think it is?
Brooke: What do you think?
Bree: Engagement ring?!
Brooke: (screams) YES!!!

Bree, Debby and Brooke scream

Brooke: Spencer ask me this morning
Bree: Oh my god!!!!
Brooke: I know right

Brooke: I do
Spencer: I do
Priest: You may kiss the bride

Spencer and Brooke kiss

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