10 years in the future

Big D: I’m so excited for the kids coming home
Tasha: Don’t you think, it’s a little late for them to call them kids?
Big D: I’m just so excited to see them!!

The door opens and Chase and Aria walk in

Chase: Davenport
Big D: Chase
Aria: And Aria
Chase: Yes honey. You are here too (kisses her forehead)
Big D: Nice to have you both here

The door opens and Debby and Efron walk in

Debby: Daddy
Big D: Little princess

Debby and Big D hug

Big D: Hi Efron
Efron: Hello Mr. Davenport, I’m a huge fan
Debby: Oh boy…
Big D: What?
Debby: Bree and Jason are here
Bree: Heyy Davenport
Jason: Hey

Lora walks in

Lora: Adam runs a little late. He missed the driveway… 8 times… (looks outside) 9 times…

Brooke walks in

Bree: Heyyy (hugs Brooke)
Brooke: Heyy(hugs her back)
Bree: Where is Spencer?
Brooke: What do you mean?

They stop hugging and Brooke turns around


Spencer walks in

Spencer: (little bit scared) Hello
Brooke: More than just a step!!

Spencer walks toward Brooke

Big D: Why are you hidding behind Brooke?
Spencer: I’m scared
Big D: Why?
Spencer: I know, that you still hate me because I kissed Lora
Brooke: That was 10 years ago!! I forgave you and I’m pretty sure that they will too
Bree: I already forgave you Spence
Aria: Me too
Debby: Me too
Jason: Me too
Lora: Me too
Tasha: If Brooki did, I have too
Big D: Still not!!
Brooke: You don’t need to be afraid of that (points at Big D)
Leo: Me too!! Where is Adam?
Lora: He still didn’t found the driveway? Oh gosh, I will never let him drive again (leaves)

1 hour later

All are sitting on the table eating

Brooke: So.. How are your lives in the moment?
Leo: I’m 10 years older and still not taller
Lora: Adam and I are engaged
Aria: I’m pregnant… again…
Chase: We become parents again
Brooke: I never thought, that Chase will marry before all of us
Spencer: I don’t thought that Chase will be the one, who is the first one with 2 kids

Brooke hits him

Spencer: Besides us. I’m talking about a married couple!!
Brooke: Sure.. Sure.. Sure you are!!!
Lora: I’m just happy, Adam got over his… sister
Brooke: Yes, me too!! Thanks to me
Lora: What do you mean?
Brooke: I told him to ask you out and look were you are now
Lora: Well… Thank you Brooke. You are the best
Brooke: No problem
Big D: How are the juniors?
Adam: How should we know? We don’t know juniors
Spencer: I’m guessing, he is talking about the kids
Brooke: He is talking about the kids. Our two are great
Debby: Little kid is great
Aria: Efron? How is it for you, that little kid isn’t your biological kid?
Efron: It doesn’t matter that we are not related. Little kid is my kid AND I hope soon I have a second child
Debby: Acctually…
Efron: Acctually… WHAT?
Debby: I’m-
Big D: Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase and Debby I need you downstairs
Spencer: (holds Brooke back) Please don’t leave me alone!!
Brooke: Big D is the one, who is hard on you. Not Tasha!! (leaves)

The Davenport lab

Chase: It’s been a long time…
Bree: Really long time….
Brooke: Like forever…
Adam: What are you talking about?
Debby: The time they haven’t been here
Adam: Ahhh
Brooke: Yes
Big D: Do you now, how hard it is to raise bionic kids?
Brooke: All of us raised one, except me and Spencer
Big D: I know, but there are age differences
Bree: What do you really wanna say?
Big D: I need you to go on a mission
Debby: Is it dangerous?
Big D: Why?
Debby: Never mind! Let’s go!!

1 hour later

Living room Davenport house

Brooke and Debby enter

Brooke: (to Debby) What’s wrong? On the mission you did almost nothing
Debby: I got something to say

The rest enters and sits down

Debby: I’m pregnant
Brooke: (to Debby/shocked) And you still went??
Debby: (to Brooke) Yes
Efron: Oh my gosh!!! I become a father!!
Leo: I need a girlfriend!!

Everyone laughs

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