2 days later

The Davenport lab

Big D: ARE YOU CRAZY!? Don’t you know, that the babys are going to be bionic?
Chase: Do you mean Aria and Lora are carrying bionic kids?
Big D: YES!! Just like Debby, Brooke and Bree!!!
Brooke: What would be, if the father would be bionic too?
Big D: They baby would be the most powerful creature of the world
Brooke: More powerful than me?
Big D: Yes!! More powerful than you and Debby together
Debby: Is the father bionic?
Brooke: No, he isn’t!! {thinks: Oh no}
Big D: Good!!
Brooke: Is it a good time to tell you, that I’m having twins?
Big D: (shocked) WHAT!?
Brooke: Sorry?

9 months later

the kids are now 2 months old

The Davenport lab

Brooke: (exhaust) Have you seen the twins?
Bree: (exhaust) I’m busy finding little fast Dani!!
Brooke: (exhaust) You only have to take care of one kid!! I have Ariana and Brandon!!! I have to chase two babies, which are super fast
Bree: (exhaust) Speaking of Chase, where is he?
Chase: (walks in) (exhaust) Finally… I’m finished…
Brooke: What are you talking about?
Chase: Aria picked up Fariba, so I’m off for today
Brooke: (exhaust) Great!! Help me find the twins!!!
Chase: Aren’t they fast?
Brooke: (exhaust/angry) THAT’S WHY I NEED HELP!!! (superspeeds upstairs)

The door bell rings. Brooke superspeeds to the door and opens it

Brooke: (surprised/shocked) SPENCER!!
Spencer: Hey, you look-
Brooke: (mad) Don’t even say it!!!
Spencer: Can’t find the twins… again?
Brooke: They are fast… And they are just the most powerful creatures on the world AND I can’t tell Davenport, without telling him, that you’re bionic
Spencer: I would love to help you catch them, but I need to go home. I just wanted to step by, say hello and leave again (leaves)
Brooke: SPENCER!!! (He’s gone) What’s going on with him? (sits down on the couch/sad)

Ariana superspeeds by

Ariana: What’s wrong mommy?
Brooke: Your dad is a little strange in the last time….

Brandon superspeeds by

Brandon: Why?
Brooke: I don’t know… (starts crying)
Ariana: Don’t cry mommy!!!

Bree superspeeds by

Bree: You found the twins
Brooke: They found me
Bree: What’s wrong?
Brooke: Spencer…

Danielle superspeeds by

Danielle: What’s wrong?
Bree: It’s a teenager problem, nothing for 2 months old
Danielle: That wasn’t nice!!
Bree: Sorry honey! Go play with the other kids and look for Cody! He’s staying the night here
Danielle: Okay!! (superspeeds away)

The bell rings. Bree answers

Bree: Aria?
Aria: I wanted to drop Fariba off. My mom don’t want her at home…
Bree: Why?
Aria: She is driving her crazy… I don’t want to!! But I have to…
Bree: It’s okay. Come in Fariba

Fariba walks in

Aria: And I still don’t get, how she can talk and walk in the age of 2 months
Bree: She is way smarter than every baby, except Ariana, Brandon, Cody, Danielle and Elena
Aria: She is something special!!
Bree: Yes, they are
Aria: Can you tell Chase? My mom is waiting in the car and she will come in here anytime and you don’t wanna live that!!!
Bree: Sure, bye
Aria: Bye. Bye Fariba
Fariba: Bye ma

Aria leaves.Chase enters

Bree: Missed Aria for a sec
Chase: What’s Fari doing here?
Bree: She couldn’t stay at her home, so Aria dropped her off here
Chase: Come little girl (picks up Fariba and leaves)

Debby enters

Debby: (exhaust) Have you seen Elena? (normal) What does Fari do here?
Bree: Aria dropped her off

Adam walks in

Adam: Cody is staying here
Brooke: He too?
Adam: Yes, Lora’s mom kicked her out and only she had a place to stay, so Cody lives now here
Brooke: So the Davenport/Holden/Pauls kids live now all together here

Big D: (runs trough the living room) NOOOOO!!!!
Elena: What’s up with him?

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