Leo and Big D are running into the lab

Adam/Bree: (happy) DAVENPORT!!!
Leo: AND LEO!!
Big D: Where is Chase?
Chase: (walks by) (mean) Here
Big D: Spike again?
Bree: Worst. Donovan made him mean
Adam: Just like Brooke

Brooke walks in

Brooke: Does anyone said my name?

Leo hits her and Chase on their heads with a wooden board. Both faint.

Adam: What was that!?
Leo: I just knocked out the strongest girl in the world. Now take her and Chase and GET OUT OF HERE!!!

Adam, Bree, Leo and Big D carry Chase and Brooke outside the lab.

The Davenport Lab

They lock Brooke in Adam’s capsule and lay Chase down on the table.

Big D: What now?
Bree: Donovan changed his mind. Are you able to change it back?
Big D: Is my name Donald Davenport?
Adam: No, it’s Davenport
Bree: And his fist name is Donald
Adam: I thought it was Big D
Bree: No, it’s Donald
Big D: Could you please focus on Chase?

30 minutes later

Adam: Now Brooke!!!
Big D: We don’t even know, if it worked!!

Chase wakes up

Chase: (holding his head) Au… What happened? (sees Brooke) WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!?
Bree: Are you nice or mean?
Chase: Nice?
Adam: Chase is back!! Now Brooke!!!

40 minutes later

Brooke wakes up. Holding her head

Brooke: What happened?
Brooke: I know that!! I mean to me? What happened to me?
Chase: Donovan made you mean and me too
Brooke: Well… I’m back and we need to stop Donovan!!!

Chase puts his arm around Brooke

Brooke: Aww… You think we have time for that. So cute

Frees herself from the arm

Chase: That hurts!!
Brooke: I know. Let’s go!!

The Donovan Lab

Adam, Bree, Chase and Brooke walks in and pose like superheros

Bree: You going down Donovan
Brooke: Bye Bye Daddy. I have to destroy you now
Donovan: I have to tell you something at first?
Brooke: (mean) WHAT!?

Donovan looks at Adam, Bree and Chase: I’m your father
Adam, Bree and Chase: (shocked) WHAT!?
Donovan: Yes (laughs evil)

Adam, Bree, Chase and Brooke look at each other

Chase: I guess, that’s it?
Brooke: Yes. NOW GET HIM!!!

Bree, Chase and Adam fighting against the ninjas. Brooke fights against Marcus

Brooke: You still can change sides
Marcus: Like you. No way!!
Brooke: Than I’m sorry
Marcus: For what?

Brooke kicks him. Marcus falls to the ground.

Brooke: That what
Marcus: I wish, I wouldn’t had ask. Let me guess… You would’ve done it anyway
Brooke: Yes!! (ties him up)
Marcus: Too tight too tight
Brooke: Cry like a baby

Adam, Bree and Chase are finished with the ninjas

Bree: Now Donovan!!
Brooke: I do that!! He’s my dad
Bree: And mine
Chase: And mine
Adam: And mine
Marcus: (Out of breath) And mine
Brooke: SHUT UP MARCUS!!! But I lived with him for 16 years

Brooke runs toward Donovan and starts fighting against him

Donovan: I liked you better, where you were bad
Brooke: I don’t care!!!

10 minutes later

Donovan and Marcus lie next to each other tied up

Marcus: All your fault
Donovan: Why?
Marcus: You made her and created her the way she is!!
Donovan: Oh shut up!!

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