Best Friend's Brother S02E01 The Break Up And Reunion

Best Friend's Brother S02E01 The Break Up And Reunion

Recap form important scenes from season 1. Mysterious girl identity is shown. Sina and Ally have a moment. Ross and Ally have a moment

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

My Confession by R5

Main Cast 

Kelli Berglund as Ally Vegaz

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Ryland Lynch as Ryland Lynch

Riker Lynch as Riker Lynch

Rydel Lynch as Rydel Lynch

Rocky Lynch as Rocky Lynch

Ellington Ratliff as Ellington Ratliff

Ciara Bravo as Irina Schneider

Absent Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Stormie Lynch as Stormie Lynch

Dove Cameron as Sina Trace

Minor Cast

G Hannelius as Hayley Vegaz

Background Information

  • With Break Up are meant Sina and her now ex-boyfriend Nate
  • With Reunion are meant Irina and Ally, who are together again


  • Ally enters the house of the Lynch's for the first time
  • Ally was called "New girl", "gold digger" and "Ross stealer" in high school and "loser" in Germany
  • Sina and Ally seem to be close
  • Ryland is really clumsy
  • Apparently is Ratliff not the smartest