Bella Mikaelson
General Information
Gender: female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: TBA
Age: 16
Turned With: TBA

Height: TBA

Species: Hybrid
Resides in: Whitechapel
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: unnamed mother

unnamed father

Elijah (older brother)

Rory (older brother)

Em (older sister)

Jeremy Mikaelson (uncle)

Relationships: Cole Mitchel
Friends: Ally Owens (best friend)
Enemies: Xenia Petrova
Personal Information
Interests: TBA
Clique: The Tigers, Zirk In Time
Education: Whitechapel High School
Talent: Singing
Strengths: Singing
Weaknesses: Blood
Theme Song: Cannibal by Ke$ha
Production Information
Portrayer: Kate Todd

Bella Mikaelson is a 16 year old teenager girl, who is a student on Whitechapel High. She is one of the main characters of Vamp's

Bella Mikaelson is portrayed by Kate Todd


She is a ruthless hybrid, who even kills to get blood. She uses people to get what she wants, exeption: Her friends and family. When someone has a crush on her, she uses that as well. But for her friends, their friends and family she would put her hands in the fire. Bella is full of herself and a bullies people, like she used to be


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Em MikaelsonEdit

Rory MikaelsonEdit

Stefan MikaelsonEdit

Elijah MikaelsonEdit

Jeremy MikaelsonEdit


Cole MitchelEdit

Ally OwensEdit

Aaron OwensEdit

Lewis KeanerEdit

Morgan PetrovaEdit

Scott CameronEdit

Xenia PetrovaEdit

Adria OwensEdit

Alex OwensEdit


Cole Mitchel

  • Started: "Before Pilot"
  • Ended: "TBA"
  • Reason: "TBA"


Superhuman Speed: She has superhuman speed, which allows her to be much faster than humans

Superhuman Strength: She has superhuman strength, which allows her to be much stronger than humans

Superhuman Hearing: Her vampire sense of hearing is far greater than humans

Superhuman Agility: She has superhuman agility, that means she can move faster than humans

Superhuman Healing Factor: She can rapidly heal any cut, bruise, burn, scar and etc. in a matter of seconds

Superhuman Reflexes: She has superhuman reflexes, that allows her to react faster than a human



  • She can't control herself, when she sees or smells blood
  • She drinks human blood
  • Sometimes she pretends to like a boy to drink his blood until he's dead
  • Has a blacklist (When somebody annoys, she writes him on it and kills that someone)
  • She is in a band 
  • She's a hybrid since she was born and stopped aging with 16

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