April Sommers
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: Ca. 1998
Age: age 15-16 (season 1)
Height: 5'2"

Resides in: Grand Pairie, Texas (former)

Los Angeles, California

Occupation(s): Student

Actress (Haven't Had Enough)

Aliases: Ap


Spacewaster (by Zora)

Karate Kid Female (by Amy)

Karate Kid (by Connor)

May (by Lula)

Month Girl (by Torra)

Nobody (by many)

Sweety (by Connor)

March (by Lula)

April Summer (by Ryleigh)

Family & Friends
Family: Amy Sommers (big sister)
Relationships: Connor Daniels (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Katherine Brandon (best friend)

Austin Russo

Cassidy Musso

Matt Maynard

Chad Kingston

Ryleigh Danes

Connor Daniels (ex-boyfriend)

Employer: Derek Wilson

Affiliations: Haven't Had Enough Cast
Enemies: Lula Byeman

Marla Musso

Nora Byeman

Annabel Daniels

Torra Daniels

Connor Daniels (ex-boyfriend)

Personal Information
Education: Kingston High School
Talent: Karate


Strengths: acting, singing
Production Information
First appearance: HOLLYWOOD HERE WE COME
Portrayer: Olivia Holt
April Sommers is a at the beginning 15 year old girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. In Grand Pairie she was the outcast and got bullied alot, but mostly from Zora. When she moved to Los Angeles with her sister, she accidently auditions for the TV Show Haven't Had Enough and gets the part. She becomes friends with KatherineAustin and her then-boyfriend Connor. But also enemies with LulaMarlaAnnabel, Torra and Nora. Yet she seems to be confident


Amy Sommers (Sister)

April and Amy are sisters and get along really well. They live together in a house in Los Angeles and Amy is like a mother to April. She knows that she can talk to her about everything and Amy totally supports April 

Connor Daniels (Ex-boyfriend)

April and Connor first met in FIRST DAY IN HOLLYWOOD and spent sometime together. First day of shooting, when their characters kissed and the director called cut, they kept kissing and we're dating since. They had their first fight in TROUBLE WITH CAPRIL IN HOLLYWOOD and broke up in BREAK UP IN HOLLYWOOD

Katherine Brandon (Best Friend)

At first, April couldn't believe that Katherine wanted to be her friend but in FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IN HOLLYWOOD they became friends, best friends. Since then April can talk to her about everything.

Lula Byeman (Worst enemy)

Lula hates April since the moment they met, because April got the role, that Lula wanted because she has a crush on Connor. And also April is dating Connor, with who Lula wants to be

Marla Musso (Enemy)

Cassidy Musso (Friend)

Ryleigh Danes (Friend)

Hunter Tanner

At first Hunter and April seemed to be friends, but then Hunter revealed to have a crush on her and they kissed at least twice (one was for the school play), but April tells him over and over again, that she doesn't fell the same way about him


Year Title Role Notes
2013 - present Haven't Had Enough Leyla Lawson Main Role


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