Ally Owens
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: April 22, 1997
Age: 16
Turned With: 16

Height: 5"2'

Species: Vampire
Resides in: Whitechapel
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Aaron (twin-brother)

Adria (little sister)

Alex (little sister)

Relationships: Scott Cameron (crush)
Friends: Bella Mikaelson (best friend)
Enemies: Xenia Petrova
Personal Information
Interests: TBA
Clique: The Tigers
Education: Whitechapel High School
Talent: Singing, Karate,
Strengths: Memory
Weaknesses: shyness (sometimes), bloodlust, dancing
Theme Song: Here's To Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne
Production Information
First appearance: TBA
Portrayer: Dove Cameron

Ally Owens is a 16 year old teenager girl, who is new on Whitechapel High. She is one of the main characters of Vamp's

Ally Ownes is portrayed by Dove Cameron


Ally is a little shy, when she meets new people, but when she gets to know them she opens up to them and starts to tust them. When she knows someone better, she becomes louder and crazier. With one exception, when she's angry, she says something louder than usual, even if she doesn't really know that person or when someone tries to attack her, she can be loud and mean. Ally is also overprotective over her little sisters.


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Aaron Owens

Aaron is Ally's 5 minutes older twin-brother. They get along great, but sometimes they fight and use their vampire powers against each other. But they make up really fast. They are really close and they can talk about everything and everyone

Adria Owens

Adria is 1 year younger than Ally, but that doesn't stop Ally to ask her little sister for advice. Adria helps Ally to act more human in school and outside the house. But Adria is also jealous, because she's a huge vampire fan and wants to be one

Alex Owens


Scott Cameron

They first met in Back To School and she was directly annoyed by him and disliked him. Later on she meets his other side and falls for him.

Bella Mikaelson

They met in Welcome In Whitechapel when Bella wanted to drink her blood. From that moment on Bella made it her responsiblity to make Ally feel welcome and to make her part of her group

Cole Mitchel

Em Mikaelson

Jeremy Mikaelson

Lewis Keaner

Morgan Petrova

She first met him in Back To School and he immediately formed a crush on her and kept complimenting her, which made her a little uncomfortable.

Rory Mikaelson

Stefan Mikaelson

Xenia Petrova

Elijah Mikaelson



  • Started: "TBA"
  • Ended: "TBA"
    • Reason: "TBA"


Superhuman Speed: She has superhuman speed, which allows her to be much faster than humans

Superhuman Strength: She has superhuman strength, which allows her to be much stronger than humans

Superhuman Hearing: Her vampire sense of hearing is far greater than humans

Superhuman Agility: She has superhuman agility, that means she can move faster than humans

Superhuman Healing Factor: She can rapidly heal any cut, bruise, burn, scar and etc. in a matter of seconds

Superhuman Reflexes: She has superhuman reflexes, that allows her to react faster than a human

Mind Compilation: She can control people's mind



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