Why "Movie"?

I refuse to call my stories short stories an those kind of stories are written in a movie style, so I call them "Movie." Thoe kind of stories are shorter than the ones are written in a show/series style.


You can find the categories here and here

List Of BaileyGo Original "Movies"

No Year Story Announced Air Date
1 2013 X-mas December 21, 2013 via Instagram Promo picture December 24, 2013
2 2014 Nerdy unannounced March 16, 2014
TBA Starting Over
TBA Livin' In Paradise March 3, 2014 via Youtube Intro & Outro
TBA Be Be Be My BFF February 25, 2013 via Youtube Trailer
TBA Debby & Abby
TBA Extraordinary
TBA Princess & The Geek
TBA My Sister's Boyfriend

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